Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Kinds of Minnesota Drivers

As far as I'm concerned, drivers in Minnesota

fall into one of two categories.

Those Who Use Their Blinkers

and Those Who Don't.

Those who do are responsible upstanding

citizens who tend to vote the right way conservative.

They care about the other vehicles on the

road they share.

They know they are actually SHARING 

the road, and have been raised

to be kind and liberal generous.

They take responsibility for their moves

on the roadway and never assume

that everyone else knows what that move will be.

They never assume the driver of the car

behind them even sees them.

They want to make sure they are 


Those who don't use their blinkers

are not paying attention to 

what's going on around them.

They oftentimes fall into another category of

Minnesota driver which is: 

I Don't Know How to Merge.

These people crawl slowly onto

the freeway sans blinker.

They don't ever get up

to traffic speed, but hang behind until

the last second, and then, there

they are right next to YOU.

In your generous spirit, since you've

had your eye on them all along, 

you try to calculate their

next move, which could be anything.

You often wonder what goes through their

mind during this transition.

Many times, I've passed these drivers 

and they may be on their cell phone,

or they have that blank look

on their face that says they think

they are doing just fine.

Don't be offended if you are in the 

category of I Don't Use My Blinker.

My Boyfriend is one of these.

After 47 years of being together
(He actually taught me how to drive. Yikes!)

he still uses the obligatory blinker

move just as he's turning the corner.

That is, if he does at all.

I still love the HOT MAN, so 

I try not to take it personally.

Next time you find yourself driving,

just remember that other people are

interested in seeing YOU.

So use that turn signal,

and have someone teach you how to 


Here's to lovely times on the road,


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Vintage Part 3

This picture was taken after my birthday party.

I'm the little girl on the left with the

goofy look on her face.

I'm sure I'm thinking, "Why are these shirtless

boys here and what are they doing in this picture?

The boy right behind me is my older brother.

That affectionate arm on mine was not

his usual M.O.
(Although upon closer scrutiny, I believe he's
pinching me)

What does this have to do with Seventeen

magazine, you ask.


But it's vintage, and that's where we are again.

Prices for Chanel start at $3.50.

Panty hose.  The most significant

miracle of modern times.

They sagged and bagged at first,

but they were a vast improvement over

a girdle and garters.

Cover Girl started out with lipstick

that was medicated.

Nice price too, at $1.50.

My go-to hairspray to keep that

ratted hair rock hard and in place.

Cheap too.

Many girls got engaged young, at 17 or 18.

Getting married meant setting up 

housekeeping.  You were one lucky girl if

you could afford to have Lenox china.

Back page ad.  The most expensive

one in a magazine.

The magazine I took these images from

cost me $65 on Ebay.  It was worth every

penny.  I didn't even go into all the interesting

articles that were inside.  Maybe for another time.

My magazine is SAFELY tucked away in

the vault.

Maybe you're more vintage than you think.

Got any memories from your monthly

literary past?  I'd love to hear!

Here's to staying young in every way,


All images from Seventeen magazine, September, 1964

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Is Yours?

Have you ever wondered why you were born?

Why you were put on this earth?

Sometimes everyday life obscures

this higher question.

Our Thursday morning Bible study is

going through Linda Dillow's book,

Calm My Anxious Heart.

It's about contentment, and how

to live a  contented life in a world that's

anything but.

The chapter for this week is entitled

A Faulty Focus,

and zeroes in on what a focused life

should look like.

A better word would be purpose,

as in "what is my purpose in life,

and where am I going?"

The author goes on to say,

"If we haven't chosen what we are living for,

we're living life by default, 

acting out the scripts handed to us by

family, other people's agendas,

and the pressures of circumstances."

After giving several examples, 

she goes on to challenge us with the task of

writing our own life purpose statement.

This particular book is faith based, 

but if faith is not part of your life,

a purpose statement still should be.

I would therefore challenge you

to take some time, pray if you are comfortable

with that, and then sit down and write your

purpose statement.

It's not hard to do, and doesn't take

much time once you get started.

Below you will find my purpose statement.

Read through it and take what you want from

it.  Then you will know

 what your purpose is and where you're going.

I want my life and its purpose to extend beyond tomorrow.
I want my children and grandchildren, close friends and
mere acquaintances to see Jesus Christ and His love and
servanthood in me.  I want my creative efforts to always
point to Him, whether it's the beauty of a painting, my
garden, or thoughts put into words.  No matter what God
allows in my life, whether blessing or evil, I want my
response to bring glory to Him.  When my life is over, I
would want nothing more than for God to look at those 
I've served and say to me, "Well done, good and faithful

Here's to living purposefully,


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vintage Part 2

C'mon  inside.

Seventeen Magazine, September, 1964

At 50 cents a copy, what a bargain.

Price: $23

Blouses: $5

Beauty questions and answers.

If you're seventeen, you're a woman.

Since I wore glasses, to me, putting 

"pretty" and "glasses" in the same sentence

was just WRONG.

Here's to looking back

and more of that next time.

Remembering me in Jonathan Logan,


All images, Seventeen Magazine, September, 1964

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Vintage things are interesting to me.

Maybe that's because I am one.

Marilyn Monroe's personal make-up case.

Don't you just love snooping

in other people's stuff?

Audrey Hepburn on the set of

Breakfast at Tiffany's.
(When this movie came out, I had not idea
Tiffany's was a jewelry store)

The flip

A hard hairstyle to maintain but it was so in.

Wind Song.

A favorite.


Another fav.

You've got to read 

Patty Jane's House of Curl,

by Lorna Landvick.

A splendid book!

Here's to keeping your

memories sweet,


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