Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rene' Gruau: Fashion Illustrator Extraordinaire

Rene Gruau  1909-2004

Simple lines.

Big name brands.

And everything in between.

Here's to looking good, dahlings,


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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weddings Are ...

Weddings are beautiful.

Marriage. Not so much.

Don't get me wrong.

Marriage, as that mystical union,

is beautiful.

But getting there and maintaining can

get downright ugly.

The same is true for a fit and healthy body.

Training takes sweat, 

hard work, sweat and tears,

sacrifice and long hours,

and maybe more tears.

Translate this to a 24/7/365

relationship, and you've got 

a high probability of ugliness.

Having a fit and healthy marriage

is hard work too.

If you're married, and haven't experienced

this phenomena, I'd say you've just turned

around to face the congregation 

after saying "I do.", or someone

is not being honest.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.

It's been forty six years for us.

Forty six years of hard work, sacrifice

and tears (mostly mine).

We have weathered the conception, birth, and

raising of three challenging normal children.
 (note to our children: all kids are challenging)

We have faced birth defects, heart disease,

and cancer.  We continue to age, and with

that comes its own  set of problems.

But I'm still crazy in love

with my hot Boyfriend.  And he

feels the same way about me.
(just ask him).

What have we shared besides the

sacrifice, hard work and tears?

We have shared:

A faith

Fairly decent physical intimacy.

Belly laughs and humor.

(with and without outside help)

As to this last point, I would

HUGELY recommend that at the first sign of conflict,
(which is usually on the honeymoon or within five minutes
of your return from),

 you find and see a therapist who shares

your core values.

If your partner won't go, YOU go, 

because you're going to need it.

I cannot stress this enough, and

personally believe there should be a law

that says before you marry, you MUST 

get counsel.

Again, if you say you have no conflict in your marriage,

you are either bearing false witness

or you both need help as to know why.

Marriage is rife with conflict, but it

can lead to healthy results when done properly.

After forty six years, we are still "happily married",

to coin a modern phrase.

Maybe a better way to put it is,

our mystical union is still working hard

on being fit and healthy.

Here's to your healthy marriage,


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Friday, July 25, 2014

Ebony and Ivory

In other words,

Black and White.

Fresh and clean looking.

Sophisticated and fun.

But my favorite is a 

black and white checkered floor.

They fit in any room of the house.

Mix well with other patterns.

Instantly add class.

They can be formal.

Or casual.

If you're not sure if a checkered floor

will work in a certain space, think

of it as an oriental rug.

They're universal, and can be used

just about anywhere.

Sort of like grass and sky,

they go with anything.

So look around and see where some

black and white check flooring

would make a space POP!

Here's to the checkered life,


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Kinds of Minnesota Drivers

As far as I'm concerned, drivers in Minnesota

fall into one of two categories.

Those Who Use Their Blinkers

and Those Who Don't.

Those who do are responsible upstanding

citizens who tend to vote the right way conservative.

They care about the other vehicles on the

road they share.

They know they are actually SHARING 

the road, and have been raised

to be kind and liberal generous.

They take responsibility for their moves

on the roadway and never assume

that everyone else knows what that move will be.

They never assume the driver of the car

behind them even sees them.

They want to make sure they are 


Those who don't use their blinkers

are not paying attention to 

what's going on around them.

They oftentimes fall into another category of

Minnesota driver which is: 

I Don't Know How to Merge.

These people crawl slowly onto

the freeway sans blinker.

They don't ever get up

to traffic speed, but hang behind until

the last second, and then, there

they are right next to YOU.

In your generous spirit, since you've

had your eye on them all along, 

you try to calculate their

next move, which could be anything.

You often wonder what goes through their

mind during this transition.

Many times, I've passed these drivers 

and they may be on their cell phone,

or they have that blank look

on their face that says they think

they are doing just fine.

Don't be offended if you are in the 

category of I Don't Use My Blinker.

My Boyfriend is one of these.

After 47 years of being together
(He actually taught me how to drive. Yikes!)

he still uses the obligatory blinker

move just as he's turning the corner.

That is, if he does at all.

I still love the HOT MAN, so 

I try not to take it personally.

Next time you find yourself driving,

just remember that other people are

interested in seeing YOU.

So use that turn signal,

and have someone teach you how to 


Here's to lovely times on the road,


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