Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Warm Summer Morning

Our oldest local zoo, Como Zoo,

is a great place to visit during the

non-winter months.

This window seems to be small, so

go when you can.

On a warm summer morning

at a zoo that's a zoo. That is, a 

zillion toddlers and their moms roaming around.

The best place to be at this particular zoo,


Take the tour with me.

Can't you just feel the cool green?

( for my friend Sheri, at Red Rose Alley)

On a cold day in winter, this is

still a great place to come and warm up.

On a cold winter morning.

Maybe my Boyfriend and I will take

a trip here next winter and

I'll catch you up with more pics.

Here's to cooling your heals inside with the green,


All  images by moi.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Why I Still Read REAL Books

Nooks, Kindles, I Pads,

I Phones(?)

You can download and read books on

all of these.

Cyber books, I call them.

They're from outer space, and trust me,

I'm skeptical of anything from outer space.

I mean like, how do they get a hold of the books

and then get them inside those things?

It just doesn't make sense to me.

No, give me the REAL THING.

The living, breathing, smelling, talking

book in hand that never fails to satisfy.

Here's why:

*I buy my books the cheap way, 

on  Amazon.com.

I can sometimes get them as cheaply as a cent a piece.

An added bonus is that I get something

via SNAIL MAIL, that old fashioned vehicle of paper pleasure. 
(a topic for another time)

When you buy used books, you naturally

get that book's history with it.

It's been broken in, already experienced by

an expectant reader like yourself.

I love dogeared pages.

Why was the reader called away and had

to mark his place?

Was it to a delicious meal, a stranger at the 

front door, or an annoying telemarketer on the phone?

I will never know who embraced this tome before me,

but someone did.

*Then, there is the physicality of the book


Especially if it's a paperback.

You can bend it, forward and back,

make it fit your personal hand.

You can stain its pages with your tears, or

accidentally spill your coffee/tea/wine on it

and there it is for the permanent record.

The humidity at the beach or pool can curl

its edges like nothing else.

And speaking of nothing else, 

here's the kicker:


That fragrance to beat all


Put your nose in the crease and inhale deeply.

The paper note comes first, and then

the ink.  Then all the other smells that

have stuck themselves in there.

The musty smell of other books it's leaned up 

against on the shelf.  The faint scent of

the cigar the reader was enjoying while reading.

And my all-time favorite,

the perfume the reader was compelled

to splash on the "good part" of a romance novel.

That, and the fact that the book automatically

opens to that part every time.

Can't get that from your cyber-book!

Plus, you can't decorated with them either.

So there you have it, dear reader. 
(love calling you that)

The best reasons in the world to

stay with tried and true volumes of 

paper, ink, and time.

I'd love to  hear what you think about cyber-books.

Or real books, for that matter.

Here's to reading the right way,


All images via Pinterest

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Never Enough

Greed builds a barrier that keeps us from becoming content
with what God has given.
Sadly, greed is a downward spiral that leads to envy.
Envy leads to debt.  All lead to discontent.
From Calm My Anxious Heart, by Linda Dillow

These few lines smack me upside the head.

Hit  me where I live.

Our Thursday morning group is studying 

Linda Dillow's book, Calm My Anxious Heart.

All twelve chapters contain dynamite wisdom

and plain common sense.

Like the quote above.

Can you relate to it too?

Do you go running after stuff and things,

and then when you get what you so

desperately wanted, still feel empty inside?

I'm at the stage of my life that material things

aren't the draw that they used to be.

My house is full, nothing could be added

without going into major clutter mode.

No, now I want things like more travel,

a different set of health problems (or

none at all), a new image, a weekly cleaning woman, and

a personal chef. 

The last two things aren't on a realistic list,

but the part about the set of health problems

sure is.

So here's the kicker.

Why am I so ungrateful for what I've been


The list of my blessings is longer than the

 Florida shoreline.

I know I need to be more intentional in my

thinking about what I have.

I need to look around and see all that I've been blessed with.

Then I will be content.

How about you?

What's getting stuck in your craw about

what you absolutely have to have?

Here's to living in contentment,


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Monday, August 11, 2014


Make yours adorable!



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Monday, August 4, 2014

A Few Days Up North

My favorite part?

Can't tell ya, this is a family friendly blog,

Here's to relaxing and refreshing,


All images mine.