Monday, February 20, 2012

Best Shampoo and Conditioner For Hard Water

Let's face it, a bad hair day is
Bad Day!  Mimi Harbinger

The water softener comes right after

the wheel as the greatest invention

known to man.

If you've lived with hard water

and then switched to soft,

you know your life has been saved.

If you are still living with hard water,

then I feel bad

since you're missing out on the real you.

Even though we have a water softener,

there is still always the problem of



There are no water softeners in

even the swankiest hotels.

That full-bodied hairstyle I'm used to

at home disappears on the road.

No matter how much I rinse and rinse,

my hair never seems to get clean or stay that way.

And I'm a pretty much shampoo every day kinda gal.

But medical breakthroughs are being made every day.

And they're not kept secret.

So here is my proven solution for bad hair

days while traveling.

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

It smells like grapefruit and here's the best part,

you can use it everyday!

I have fine hair that's highlighted with bleach

and color.

I have used this shampoo every day for two and a half

weeks, and it didn't dry out my hair.

If you shampoo every day, lather only once.

If you shampoo every other day or more, lather twice.

After shampooing and rinsing thoroughly,

gently massage some of this through your hair.

A little seems to go a long way, but if you have

long, coarse hair, or both, use more.

(as an added benefit, this stuff smells absolutely fabulous)

Rinse this very thoroughly too.

I've tried many different conditioners,

but it ends up taking six or seven years to comb through

the tangles.

This product takes that down to just minutes.

So don't be either one of these women.

Try my solution to hard water problems

involving your hair and let me know if it works for you.
if you have your own remedy for bad hair days, let me know!

Au Revoir,


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  1. That first picture is so flipping hilarious!

  2. Hi there. I just moved to Denmark and the hard water is driving me hair looks terrible! Where do you buy your Kenra shampoo?

    1. Dear Alex, Sorry about your hair. I'm not sure where in Denmark you can get Kenra products, but try where you can get almost anything. And the conditioner too. Good Luck!

  3. Hi there. I just moved to Denmark and the hard water is driving me hair looks terrible! Where do you buy your Kenra shampoo?

  4. Thank you for the insight - I am in Egypt and it is HORRIBLE. I go to the salon about once a week as that is the only time my hair feels or looks normal. Thank goodness the price of that is only $8.

    1. Hope you can find these products-- on Thanks for the comment!


  5. Water softening systems or conditioners reduce the dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and to some degree manganese and ferrous iron ion concentration in hard water.


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