Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are YOU the Bad One?

This is one of my favorite TV shows.

Bethenny Frankel is probably the only real person

on reality television.

Hands down.

She's open, honest, transparent, and what you see and hear

is what you get.

(I mean really, what comes out of her mouth sometimes,

couldn't be scripted)

She and I are nothing alike, except in one way.

On the show last Monday night,

as Bethenny talked to her shrink about her life,

the subject of

Who in the relationship is the bad person?

Simply put, to the world that knows you as a couple

and in your own little world as a couple,

there's  one of you who's good and one who's bad.

Bethenny is decisive, speaks her mind, knows what she wants.

That's me too.

Of course there's a downside to this.

Sometimes hasty decisions become the one's we regret.

Speaking one's mind sometimes comes off sounding judgmental

(To be honest, the unfiltered mind is judgmental)

Knowing what you want can change in 30 seconds,

after you've already made a decision and spoken your mind.

My boyfriend is like Jason.

Easy going, happy, smiling.

Slow to speak, slow to make  decisions, non judgmental.

To me, that can be translated:

Having no opinion (how can you not?)


Non-confrontive (afraid to speak up).

 He has told our children over the years,

"Your mother gets everything she wants."

That of course, continues the notion that I'm the

Bad One

and he's perfect.

On the big other hand,

if you were to ask my boyfriend who is the bad one in our relationship,

he would probably say that he is.

His reasoning would go something like this,

"She's always telling me how to handle my business,

always has to be right, is always there with an opinion."

This has led to conflict through the years.

Which has then led to conflict resolution.

(And celebrating each other's differences)

The show on Monday ended with,

to be continued...

(don't you hate how some people drag things out?)

And  to be continued, pretty much says it all.

What's your relationship like?  Is there a good one and a bad one?

Which one are you?

Au Revoir,


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  1. Ok, here the deal - my first husband (who shall never be mentioned on my blog) was perceived as the good one to everyone who "knew" us. Except for about 4 people who really knew us and actually understood what was going on. (He was bad, bad, bad!)
    I decided I had to comment the minute I read about how you say what you think, which isn't always properly received. That is what is so wonderful about blog writing, reading, and commenting. I write what I think and then delete it until it is less offessively worded, but still what I think. It the only way someone as impulsive as I am can handle the old "think before you speak" advice.


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