Tuesday, December 10, 2013

But I Don't Want to Clean My Bathroom!

I don't and I can't tell you why
(Rule no. 1 in blogging: never start a post with "I")

Really, I can tell you why.

I'd rather be doing this:

Or making this:

Or painting this:

Or singing this:

Or telling you about her:

Sarah Richardson, one of my favs.

After all that I'm at Friday or Saturday

and then it's too late.

BECAUSE, Saturday is a 

special day with special people 

coming to my house.

I need to get ready for that too.

So after all this stalling around,

*I guess I'll have to bite the bullet,

swallow the frog, 

swat the mosquito and

go spiff up the John.

Yuk, don't want to, still.

*Seven I's were used in this short post.
Never should do that.

Au Revoir,


     All images via Pinterest


  1. Oh Mary, cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favorite things to do, too. In fact, I never pay someone to clean my house - I clean my own house, but I WILL have someone come in and clean my showers. It's too much for me to do any more.

    Have a nice Saturday with your special friends, Mary. And I don't mind the I's that you use - that's how we get to know fabulous YOU. I just used four I's of my own. :~)


    1. Sheri, I wish you lived near me. You would be invited to my house for Craft Day. Girls, food, fun, laughing and screaming, and making a fabulous craft. I hope to do a post about it.


  2. I want that cranberry salad thing. I use I way too much. I love this blog. I love you. I have heard of cleaning bathrooms. I wonder how you do that. I need a lesson. I would like YOU to come clean mine since I am bathroom-cleaning-challenged. I am selfish to want YOU to do it for I. I like outhouses better. I like fancy outhouses. I need a maid.
    I, suzee B.
    I am a brat….
    I can't help it….

    1. I love your I's!! Use them all you want because you've earned them.

      Here's to U!



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