Friday, December 6, 2013

Inadvertantly Overheard

 My Boyfriend's favorite store is

He has to practically drag me

to get me to go there.

I'm just not into buying the

Mount Everest size of anything.

Or 50 lbs. of Romaine lettuce

when I need only a few ounces.

But yesterday he lured me there

under the pretense of doing some

Christmas shopping.

For the Puppies.
(Read that Grandkids)

As he parked the car, I waited in

the entryway.

A woman walked past me talking

on her cell phone.

"He was a little crabby and

borderline abusive."

She continued her conversation, but with

the clanging of the carts, and the

floor scrubber going full force,

I couldn't hear any more.

Intrigued I was, however.

Who was "He"?

Her teenage son?

Her husband?

The UPS man?

And just how does one go from being

"a little crabby"
(I'm seeing an infant here)

to "borderline abusive" in one sentence?
(People on Meth are like this)

I will never know,

and she won't either.

That I overheard one sentence of her life

and speculated from

zero to Jerry Springer in about ten minutes.

What's with people these days?
(I think I mean myself)

The Christmas shopping?

Books.  Six.  One for each Puppy.

And five gallons of cottage cheese.
(The Boyfriend is into this lately)

Au Revoir,


            All images via Pinterest


  1. THE UPS MAN! couldn't you have chose a FEDEX man to promote our business? probably couldn't find as hunky a picture of a FEDEX man. MY boyfriend (i call him playmate) could've posed but then you needed the picture right then. i laughed all the way through this and thank you for starting my day right with this priceless blog. you may need to look into your own comedy act to take on the road.
    oh and good luck with where to store the cottage cheese….
    suzee B

    1. I think the cottage cheese is on my thighs.

      Love and hugs...

  2. Hahaha you made me chuckle today, Mary. Thank you, this made my day.


    1. Glad it gave you a chuckle. That's worth it.



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