Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Unforgettable Dream

"This type of dream is very common
amongst well educated, intelligent adults."
Theodore Hoffnagel, Psychiatrist

Seventh grade.

Standing in the hall outside Alice Chrisinger's

English classroom.

Standing in front of my locker, frustrated,

red-faced, on the verge of tears.

Couldn't get the blasted thing open--again.

Time is running out to get to my next class.

This dream plagued my nights for

YEARS after high school graduation.

Even after college, it went on...

Then it was replaced by another,

much bigger, MONSTER of a dream.

In variations that would blow your mind.

This is how it rolls.

I'm back at Winona State College.

I'm searching for  my friends/roommates.

My husband and children are with me.

But mostly not.

Trying to find my dorm room.

Trying to get its door open.

Where is my key?

Meeting a new roommate who's a perfect stranger.

Still looking for my friends.

Going to the cafeteria to search.

Same bad food.

Walking around the town of Winona that

doesn't look anything like Winona.

Commuting from Woodbury to Winona to take classes.

In the winter, on icy roads.

Knowing I've already graduated, so what am

I doing here in the first place?

I think I'll just quit and become a secretary and live

at home with my parents.

But I can't because I'm married

and have three children.

Have a final exam in my one and only 

math class and can't find the  room.

That's because I haven't been to class all quarter.

Sometimes its history, not math.

Haven't read the 327,000 pages for the final.

Doesn't matter, haven't been to this class 

all quarter either.

What the h*** is going on?

I call it my stress dream.

I dream it when I'm under stress or it's

just a dream where I'm under stress.

I really don't know.

I won't, however, tell you about the dream

where I'm totally NAKED and proud of it.

No I won't.

Do you have stress dreams?

Are they anything like mine?  Tell me.

Au Revoir,


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  1. Yes I Do!.. Mostly About Being On Stage And DoNt KOow My Lines Or I Hear My Cue And I'm Across The Street Or I'm Naked On Stage.

    1. Across the street, heh? Naked too? How does that feel?

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Yes I Do!.. Mostly About Being On Stage And DoNt KOow My Lines Or I Hear My Cue And I'm Across The Street Or I'm Naked On Stage.

  3. marcie…are you an actress? i am and i've dealt with a terrifying recurring dream for years and years and years. my version is that very soon it's my time to go on, all i need and i mean ALL is just a teeny glance at the script. BUT THERE IS NO SCRIPT to be found. ANYWHERE!! mine is m.i.a. for sure and no one else in the cast has theirs handy nor do they remember where they left it. the stage manager lost theirs and so on and so on. my husband is well aware of my "script dreams." since i have to sort of decompress and 'come down' from the anxiety.He often watches me pace, muttering about the damn script again. i think it has to do with another word than stress. i call it FRUSTRATION. something is frustrating me or it's just ol' splitfoot messing wiff my peace. mary, yours take on many scenarios, leaving all gnarly nasty unsettling feelings. glad you prefaced ze blog with these kind of dreams being common….
    suzee B

    1. Yes, Marcie is an actress. She's in our Thursday morning Bible study. You'd LOVE her! Thanks for the great comment!


  4. Yes! Most are about trying to get to class...either to teach or mostly college level and being late. Over and over again. A passed life I do not miss. Used to have dreams about babies that were like miniature dolls and empty bodied. Strange what happens in the middle of the night in our dreamland. Oooh...I even dream about playing golf on a high cliff or an impossible position! And bridges ending in the middle and not being able to get to the other side.....oh you've got me going....
    PS I love that you are blogging lots! xoxo

  5. We must all be normal then, since it seems everyone has these dreams.

    I love that I'm blogging too!

  6. My recurrent stress dream is working on the med/surg floor where I used to work as a staff nurse and discovering that I had a patient I didn't know about and I hadn't cared for them the entire shift! I think this happened to me or one of the other nurses once. But if it happened to me I surely discovered it before the end of the shift…terrible feeling!!


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