Monday, December 9, 2013

Who Doesn't Love...

A victorious rags-to-riches story ?

You're close if you landed there.

Something even better.

How about the best make-over movie ever.

Take one "late in life" child

born to an overbearing , controlling mother.

This child of riches, has no self confidence

or hope for a life beyond the mansion

she lives in.

Until a kindly doctor comes along

and convinces Charlotte Vale
(the ugly girl)

to step out of her comfort zone and

become the woman she was meant to be.

After a stint in a home for people

who are working on themselves,

she emerges as ... well, you can see.

She goes on a cruise and meets

a hot quiet, patient man named Jerry who 

appreciates her for more than her looks.
(some table-turn, huh?)

They fall in love, but there's a catch:

Jerry's married.

Unhappily. Of course.

There's a lot of cigarette smoking

that goes on,

especially the kind where the

guy lights two of them at once and

gives one of them to the  woman.
(One way to handle sexual tension in a movie in the 1940's)

They truly love each other,

plus they share the love of 

another character in the story.

Watch it some night.

With girlfriends.

Or your best Boyfriend.

Just keep a box of tissue handy

cause you're going to need it.

Au Revoir,


       All images via Pinterest


  1. wow! you never leave me empty-handed!
    ya dig?
    suzee B

    1. You will LOVE this movie and the music!!



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