Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You And Your Coffee-A Survey

"Life without coffee might make our world a little calmer,
but where would one go in Paris between visiting
art museums?"  Bertrand Gounad

Are you a Starbucks or Caribou?

Do you  do take-away?

or stay in the coffee shop 

and drink alone?

When you drink alone, do you have something

to read, or work on your laptop or I pad?

Do you eavesdrop on the 

conversations of others?

If you do, do you write it in your

ever-handy notebook you carry

for that reason?

Do you imagine stories about

total strangers in the shop?

Have you ever come right out

and complimented someone on

their hair, outfit, etc?

Do you feel people are watching you?

Get back to me by answering 

at least one of my questions, okay?

Au Revoir,


                 All images via Pinterest


  1. easy as pie. yes to every question except for the ipad, i don't got one o dem. my playmate does though.
    suzee B

    1. You are definitely the coffee shop type. And the eavesdropping and making up lives type. Yup!


  2. Caribou because that's where my daughter likes to go and Starbucks when I meet my friend who only does Starbucks. I'm too self absorbed to think about the stories of others. Ha. And I wish I would take time to sit alone in coffee shop. I'm usually rushing in or out. Some things never change.

    1. Maybe you need to revisit rushing and at least make it sauntering. Thanks for replying to the survey.

      Love you!

  3. I'm a Starbucks girl all the way, Mary. I usually drive through when I'm out and about, but sometimes I'll walk in if I'm meeting a friend or my sister or brother. And if we're all together, we can get pretty loud, so I'm pretty sure it's not too difficult for other people to eavesdrop on us. hahaha



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