Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spruce It Up

I don't know about you, but when Spring

rolls around, and I still can't garden,

I want to change something in our house.

Like re-doing a bathroom

to look like one of these.

Paint the ceiling and put up crown molding.

Paint some stripes.

Soften the color with paint.

Add a pop of color with paint.

Or add a new shower curtain.

Even if you don't have a shower,

add the curtain for some interest.

A bold wallpaper will get attention.

I doesn't have to match the rest of the house,

especially if it's a powder room.

 Everything doesn't have to be new.

Paint will make it new.

Add some artwork.

You can go all out if you want.

And your budget allows.

If none of this appeals to you,

buy some new towels in

a color you love.

Target, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and

Bed, Bath and Beyond, have lots of colors.

Even their cheap (at BB&B) towels look  great!

So go change something in your

bathroom.  Even if it's just the drinking glass.

It  may keep you from going bonkers!

Here's to colorful sanity,


       All images via Pinterest


  1. If you're going to have fun with color, the bathroom is a good place to start, it doesn't take long to dress it up with some bright paint and colorful towels! I myself keep one of my bathrooms white so I can change colors with accessories any time the mood strikes!

    Happy Easter, Mary!


    1. Dear Jane, I change my towels seasonally in my white bathroom. It helps a lot!

      Love, Mary

  2. Mary,
    I know what you mean.......I love to change things around and decorate. I really love your new Header. It is filled with color and beauty.


  3. What a treat to find your blog this afternoon!
    Your header knocked my socks off-
    and I am always changing something!

    Enjoyed visiting, and I am a new follower.


  4. Lovely these shower curtain idea! TJ Maxx is my favorite too. :)

  5. We are definitely in
    "bonkers" territory this
    week here in MN, aren't
    we? Love all of your
    suggestions and will
    need to consider how
    I'm going to punch up
    my master bath with a
    little color!

    xo Suzanne

    PS: Countdown to lilac time.
    It can't come soon enough!!!


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